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Monday, October 25, 2010
A Very Strange Dream
I was at a man's house with a couple of friends. I'm not sure who any of the other people here were. There were three cats inside, one of them died but was still animated (walking around, zombie-like, though not hungering for brains or anything, just like it was in a trance). There was a dog outside and it wanted to come in, the dead cat wouldn't get out from in front of the door for us to let the dog in.

[next scene]

I was on the campus of my Alma Mater (William Carey, not USC) with Jason Brunet and another guy, we were going to the cafeteria for lunch after a class. The other two went ahead and sat down and I went to get some food. It took forever to get anything, and the guy working there was a wanna-be gourmet chef, but the lady serving next to him kept making fun of him for it. When I finally got some food and sat down Jason was up on a stage performing.

Apparently I'd been on some TV show by accident the night before, as some sort of superhero, and everyone was talking about it, and the girl who was sitting with us was flirting with me a lot. I dropped food on myself, since I'm so smooth.

After we were done eating and Jason was done with his set we left. I got stopped by a man on the way out and he was asking me a lot of questions about my TV appearance and suggested that if I was curious about his offer I should follow him. He took off walking at a quick pace. I decided I'd check it out, bid Jason goodbye and took off after the strange man. He went into a very large brick building with an imposing set of curving stone steps and iron railings. At the very bottom of the steps there was a miniature set of steps with six inch railings that I had to step over to get to the regular steps.

Inside was a grand lobby with marble floors and a cold, greenish light, it was empty. At the far end were some wide doors and I saw the man go through them so I followed. On the other side of the doors was some sort of factory. I was standing on a catwalk about 50 feet above the floor, with a long, tall window separating me from the factory. Inside there was some sort of assembly line with large machines. One of these was an old bi-plane but the rest looked very futuristic. The man was a few hundred feet down the catwalk to my left so I followed, he turned left into a doorway.

When I got to the doorway it opened into an office with a reception desk and a couple of work desks. There were people there but they ignored me. I stood there for a moment waiting to be noticed but no one did. I started looking around in the office and the couple of rooms off of it but couldn't find the man. No one said anything to me. Finally I stood at the reception desk and a man asked if he could help me. I told him I was looking for a mysterious man who had told me to follow him. He knew right away who I was looking for and said he would be on the roof. An older man with an air of authority about him took me through a door and up some stairs. We used a zipline to get from where we were to a pointed roof. We then had to slide down that roof to another pointed roof.

I saw the mysterious man below us on a flat roof looking down at the cars in the parking lot which was 40 feet below him. The older man told me to jump down to the flat roof with him. I asked if there was an easier way and he said no and jumped, pulling me with him. The mysterious man looked over at me and said, "So, are you ready to join us?" I told him I guessed I was and they said it was time to go inside. We walked around the structures with the pointed roofs and there was a large door laid into the roof with some sort of computer terminal beside it. They entered some commands and tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge. They tried the door one more time but it still wouldn't open and they informed me that we were stuck here on the roof.

I asked if we could contact someone on the inside to open the door and the told me it would never be opened again. I asked if we could contact someone on the inside to come out the same way we did, and ask them to bring a rope so we could climb down the outside of the building and they told me that wouldn't be possible. I asked if we could somehow climb up to the zipline and use it to get back inside. They said no, that the door for the zipline only goes one way and we were stuck on the roof for good.

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